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There is a meteorological observation in the District of Jalandhar. But it has started functioning very recently. So description follows is based on the records of the observatories in the neighboring district where similar climate conditions prevail. After February, temperature begin to rise rapidly. June is generally the hottest month with the mean daily temperature at about 41 oC and the mean daily minimum at about 27 oC. Scorching dust laden winds blow on many days in the summer season and the day temperatures on individual days may reach above 45 oC. Afternoon thundershowers which occur on some days during the summer bring welcome relief though only temporarily. With the onset of monsoon by about the end of June or early in July, the day temperature drop down appreciably. But the nights continue to be a warm during the summer. Due to increase moisture in the monsoon air, the weather is often sultry and uncomfortable, in between these rains. After about mid-September when the monsoon withdraws temperatures decrease, the drop in the night temperature being rapid. January is generally the coldest month with the mean daily maximum temperature at about 19 oC and the mean daily minimum at about 6 oC. During the winter season. Cold waves effect the district in the rear of western disturbances and the minimum temperature occasionally drops down below the freezing point of water.