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is an attempt to limit the impact of a disaster by structuring the response and affecting a quick and orderly reaction to the disaster. It is unique among all pre-disaster planning activities, in that it addresses actions in both the pre-disaster phase, for example, warning and evacuation, as well as the post-disaster phase.

Preparedness includes:

All measures and policies taken before an event occurs that allow for prevention, mitigation, and readiness. Preparedness includes generating awareness among the community, designing warning systems, planning for evacuation and relocation, storing food and water, building temporary shelter, devising management strategies, and holding disaster drills and exercises. Contingency planning is also included in preparedness as well as planning for postimpact response and recovery .

DO's and Don'ts

Dos Before an Eartquake

  1. Insist Upon earthquake resistant features while constructing/buying a house/flat.
  2. Ensure they comply with building bye-laws and BIS codes.
  3. Consult an engineer/architect for retro-fitting your house to make it earthquake-resistant.
  4. A common meeting point inside the city and a contact outside the city should be identified and known to all members.
  5. List important telephone numbers and keep a torch, water, transistor, first-aid kit and non-perishable food at a designated place.Keep family emergency kit ready.
  6. Train yourself in basic first aid. Form teams for first-aid, search and resuce etc.in your area and conduct preparedness
  7. Drills for what to do in case of an event

Dos After an Earthquake

  1. Keep Calm and expect aftershocks.
  2. Check if you or anyone else in hurt. Use first -aid and wait for medical help.
  3. Do not move seriously injured peolple.
  4. Do not turn-on electrical appliances and gas.
  5. Check your house/buliding for damages.
  6. Do not waste water and do not block telephone lines.
  7. Do not spread rumors and don't panic.
  8. Volunteer to help.
  9. Keep the streets clear for emergency services.

Dos During an Earthquake

  1. Keep calm and help others to keep calm. Do not panic.

  2. If you are at home or inside of a buliding :

    a) Protect yourself by ducking under asturdy table or an elevated bed, and staying there until the shaking stops.

    b) Turn -off electricity and gas.

  3. If you are on the road in a bulit up area:

    a) Immediately move away from bulidings , slopes, streetlights, power lines, hoardings, fly-overs etc. into open spaces.

    b) Do not run or wander. Keep the roads free for movement.

  4. If you are driving Stop vehicleaway from the bulidings,slopes and electric cables; come out of the vehicle , hold it and stay by its side.